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Water Brush Teacher, 
Kathleen McElwaine

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Tuesdays July 6, 13, 20, 27, August 3 , 2021 10:00am - 12:00pm Central Time The price of this class includes a palette of 10 Daniel Smith Watercolors in a palette, a Pentel water brush, 30 sheets of 100% cotton watercolor paper (Fluid100) and painting patterns. Five 2 hour zoom classes live with Kathleen. No additional supplies needed. The supplies will last for paintings to come, over a $100. value. 5 Classes and Art Supplies only $250.00

Cost: $ 250.00

Would you like to attend a Studio Watercolor Class to learn more? This is the place to ask. Complete the form below to request an invite to observe at the next Studio Class, held each Monday on Zoom 9:00am til 11:00am central standard time. You are welcome as a guest to observe the class. Kathleen and all the students are happy to answer your questions. Each class has some discussion and demonstrations and students complete 1 - 2 paintings. Enrolled students will paint along with Kathleen and share their paintings on zoom at the end of the class.Zoom Class Cactus

Request to be a guest at a Studio Watercolor Class

Studio Watercolor Class Mondays 9-11am Central Standard Time


When Kathleen demonstrates, you feel as if she is demonstrating just for you!



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Testimonials from Kathleen's Students:

    • I have always wanted to learn to watercolor paint. After taking a How to Paint with a Water Brush Class with Kathleen and seeing my first painting of bluebonnets, I was proud of my accomplishment and have continued learning from Kathleen. Painting has become an important part of my life.
    • I am mom of 3 children, 2 of them with special needs. My husband gave me a watercolor painting class as a gift. After one class with Kathleen I realized I had denied myself painting time for too many years.  
    • Kathleen teaches the basics. Once I heard her say, "the only difference between a beginner watercolor painter and an experienced one is not being afraid to make a decision about what to do next." After the 4th painting I found myself making decisions on my own. 
    • After learning from Kathleen, I love to paint and I can honestly say I have more patience with myself.
    • I have painted professionally for many years. I hit a slump in my career and needed to a fresh look at my painting time. I had heard about Kathleen's class, the one where everyone paints the same bluebonnet. I took the class and loved the way Kathleen taught everyone. She talked about letting yourself play with the colors and to allow creative time. I realized creative time was just what I needed to add back into my studio painting time. I have never had another slump.